Custom Home Design

Teakwood Enterprises is a Design-Build firm in Fredericksburg, Va. We give you one point of contact for the design and construction of your home. By overlapping the design and construction phases of your home, it helps to control the project schedule and your budget.  Over the years, we have built everything from a two hundred square foot Tiny house to a twelve thousand square foot Custom home.  Each home design we produce is personal and unique to its owners needs and wants.

We work closely with our vendors, subcontractors and employees to give you the Custom Home Experience, to design and build new homes precisely and economically!

We provide quality for the best possible price.  We always strive for excellence in our work through respect for our clients, their property and our employees. We can take a simple idea and create full scale Custom plans. We can also present them to you with our 3-D state of the art computer aided layout technology, so that you can “see” what your new home will look like before building. We design and build what you want within your budget. We use a five- point system to perfect a design for our client’s new home. Each point is set on a foundation of thirty years of experience in the industry. Those five points include:

  1. Ensuring we have a solid custom design.
  2. That each home reflects the individual client.
  3. That you can visualize seeing yourself in the home.
  4. That it responds to your needs and wants.
  5. That it communicates to you and those around you that Teakwood Enterprises puts the ‘custom’ in designing your New home, whether it’s a vacation home or your forever home.

At Teakwood Enterprises, we lead you through the design-build process step by step, with the flexibility to work with your individual needs. Teakwood Enterprises can make your new dream home a reality. “IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, WE CAN DESIGN IT AND BUILD IT”!


Custom Homes

Teakwood Enterprises, Inc has 30 years of experience in custom home design and building. We have yet to build the same plan twice.

Every home is as unique as the owner who owns it.  Our in-house design lets us provide you with 3D renderings of your new custom home. You can visualize each room. You can see your walls, your doors your closets and windows. If you don’t like where they are, you can change it then. It will save you time and money before construction has ever started.

We provide quality services for the best possible price.  Each of our custom design-build projects is created within your budget to maximize the enjoyment and utility of your home for you and your family. We work closely with our vendors, suppliers and subcontractors to give you quality at an economical price to meet your budget.

We always strive for excellence in our custom home builds through respect for our clients, their property and our employees.

Even the smallest detail is important whether we are building a two thousand square foot home or a twelve thousand square foot custom home.  No matter what your budget you are important to us. That is why we are your custom home builder. We are your one contact throughout your custom home experience. We appreciate the responsibility you have given us to design and build your safe place with the utmost respect and the highest standard of quality.

With our custom home design-build experience, we match the task of each phase of your project to the appropriate subcontractor and/or employee.  Then we can carefully supervise the build to assure it meets our highest standards.

We want you to rest assured, that Teakwood Enterprises will build your custom home with a solid custom design, that your custom home is unique to you, that you see yourself in your custom home as we build it, that your custom home feels like you have always been there. Most importantly, that it communicates to you and represents your inner most wants and supplies your needs.