You may love your current location but your home is just a bit out dated, or your family has out grown the space. Let Teakwood Enterprises help you remodel, renew and update your home. Let us bring your home up to date with our 3D design technology. You won’t have to wonder if that closet could have been bigger or if you could have had that extra bathroom after all.  We give you the ability to visualize the project in the existing space.

If you want it, we can design and build it. We can make changes and adjust those remodeling plans on a computer screen without putting holes in the walls or tearing out appliances.  You can update those drafty windows or make them energy efficient. Even better, make them larger to bring in the sunlight. You can visual it on the screen first. You can remodel a bathroom to have a separate tub and shower. You can expand your kitchen to have additional counter space.

Remodeling your current home is a great way to take advantage of the equity you have in your existing location. You won’t have the hassle of trying to sell your home and move into something larger. Do you have a growing family? You can design a new master bedroom suite with a bathroom just for you. Make that master bedroom upstairs into two smaller rooms.  Are you the only one at home now? Remodel an existing space to have what you want and not what you have been stuck with. How about larger closets? How about a game room or remodeling that deck to make it a sunroom?

Once the remodeling project begins, we work hard to minimize the impact of the project on your daily living.  And we strive to make the process as smooth as possible. Renovating an existing home can be a strain on day to day living, let Teakwood Enterprises walk with you through the remodeling process.

Remodeling is a great way to add value to your home.  Let Teakwood Enterprises help you design and remodel your existing home. Give us a call today or stop by our office and talk with us to begin your remodeling project.