Project Management

Teakwood Enterprises holds a Class A contractor’s License in the state of Virginia, as well as classifications for: Alternative Energy systems, Electrical, Plumbing, Building (commercial and residential) and Highway Heavy.  These qualifications coupled with our experience over the past 30 years give us the ability to manage any project large or small.  Teakwood Enterprises can work with your residential or commercial property to help you understand it’s potential.

There are several ways in which Teakwood Enterprises can help you add value to your property or create income producing property:

  1. If you own land and wish to sub-divide and develop we have the resources to take your land and shape it to be a small community or a well-planned family plat.  Let us help you plan and design the infrastructure needed to take advantage of the landscape.
  2. You may own commercial property in need of renovation.  Teakwood Enterprises can help bring your property up to date to take advantage of energy efficient systems.  This can help you appeal to more potential tenants as well as reduce your overall carrying costs.
  3. No building on your land?  Let us help you design and build a new commercial space so you can add to your income producing properties.
  4. Do you own a large track of land and are not interested in developing for a community?  Have you considered a Solar Farm?  Call Teakwood Enterprises and we can help you determine if your land would work for a solar energy farm.

Whatever the details of your commercial project may be, let Teakwood Enterprises walk with your to bring your plan to reality.