Solar Panel Installation

Teakwood Enterprises can design a solar energy system to fit your electrical needs. With the traditional “solar panel” or the “thin film” solar, we can find the solar option that is just right for you. With existing tax credits and incentives, Teakwood Enterprises can show you how to produce all the electricity you will ever need and pay for it in as little as 10 years. And now, we offer $$ FINANCING $$. Contact us for details.
Solar panels come in many different sizes and configurations. The traditional solar panel is now available in an all black cell and frame. This blends in well with your roof and simply becomes part of the color scheme on you home. We can offer the “Thin Film” solar panels that are designed specifically for your metal roof. Let Teakwood Enterprises show you how your home would look with a Solar Energy System.
Teakwood Solar is proud to represent several solar panel manufacturers that have a proven record of excellence and financial stability such as “Hanwha Q-Cells”, American made “Solar World”, and the “LG Solar Module ” When a company provides a 25 year warranty it’s important that the company will be around to see that warranty through. Teakwood Solar has done it’s research on the most reliable and economical solar panels made today.  We are proud to stand behind the products we sell.
First, by generating your own power, the money you would have paid the power company can now be put in your own pocket. When your solar energy system is connected to the grid, you can “sell” electricity back to the power company during peak sunlight. Second, the Federal Government currently provides a direct tax credit of 30% for qualified “Alternative Energy Systems”. This is money you keep for yourself instead of sending to Uncle Sam. Third, utility companies are currently required to generate a certain percentage of their total output using renewable sources of energy. To provide for this requirement, they are willing to pay you to help produce electricity so they can meet this requirement. Solar Renewable Energy Credits or “SRECS” is an exchange program that allows the utility companies to “purchase production capacity” from individual producers like you. This is market driven but could amount to hundreds of dollars paid directly to you. Go to for more information. Our Financing Program will provide you with solar energy with no money down. And zero to low interest means your monthly payment will close to your former electric bill. Contact us for details. And of course don’t forget about all of the intangibles. Reducing green house gases. Helping the environment. Reducing dependency on foreign oil. Save money, save the environment. It’s a win- win!! SREC’c (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) are marketable resources that can help pay for your solar energy system.  Every one megawatt (1 mW) of electricity generated is equal to one SREC.  As the production of your solar energy system starts to accumulate mWs of electricity, you can contract with an Aggregator/Broker to sell your SREC’s for you.  For more information, please go to or