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Teakwood Solar

A division of Teakwood Enterprises, Inc, Teakwood Solar is committed to providing quality service for our customers at the best possible price. We strive to show respect to our customers, their property and our employees while achieving excellence in our work.

Why Choose Teakwood Solar?

Energy costs will continue to rise. Even with tremendous efforts to conserve, our energy demand will still continue to increase. We must find ways to produce energy.

Approximately 50% to 70% of all energy consumption takes place in buildings. What if we covered our buildings with energy generation systems?

Your solar energy system would be connected to your home electrical system. But, with a “Net Metering” agreement, you can still be connected to the grid. This allows you to use electricity as normal but, during

peak sunlight you can “sell” electricity back to the power company. That means you can actually spin your electric meter backwards.

With existing tax credits and incentives, Teakwood Enterprises can show you how to produce all the electricity you will ever need and pay for it in as little as 10 years.

Teakwood Enterprises can design a solar system to fit your needs and your home. With the traditional “solar panel”, the “thin film” solar, or the new “solar shingle”, we can find the solar option that is just right for you.



Battery Backup

Technical info

How It Works

Solar Array – Solar cells (in each solar panel) convert sunlight to DC electricity.
Micro inverters – converts the DC current to the standard household AC current. The Inverter also controls the flow of electricity. Depending on your usage and available sunlight, the electricity either goes to your household circuits and appliances or to the power grid. When the sun is shining you can “sell” electricity back to the power company.

With the new Enlighten Micro-Inverter by Enphase, you can monitor the power output from your system at anytime from anywhere. This reporting software allows you to keep track of the electricity you produce; by the hour, by the day, by the month, year or lifetime of the system. (WiFi connection at the system location required).

Net Metering – Electric meter capable of recording electric flow to and from the home. During the day the Net Meter will track the amount of electricity produced by the solar array as well as the amount of electricity used by the home. Once the sun goes down the Net Meter will track the amount of electricity used by the home. The goal for the solar array is to have the difference between your production and usage to equal zero.

Example: House hold usage over 12 months = 21 Kw, System array of 56 – 390 watt panels = 21Kw production. Production – Usage = Zero


Does solar keep the lights on when the power goes out?

No. In order to have back up power a solar system would need to have a battery bank.

Will my HOA allow me to have a solar system?

It depends on a few factors. An HOA can not prohibit the installation of a solar system but they are allowed to create parameters that dictate where you put the system. If they prevent you from having the system on the front of the house and that is the best spot for the system you may not be able to install.

What is the maintenance of the system?

Nothing! Once installed there is no required maintenance for the system. The next rain will clean off the pollen, snow will eventually melt (our systems are sized to accommodate any loss of production due to weather).

Is there a warranty?

Absolutely. One year on labor and material, panels and inverters carry a manufacture 25 year warranty.

How long will solar panels last after warranty?

This is harder to answer, the solar industry is still in early years so there is not enough data to give a good answer. We are aware of systems that have been working for the past 30+ years.

What if I move, will I get my money back?

There has not been focused research on the resale value of a home with solar systems. However, we have seen local articles that claim the resale value increased by the original cost of the system.

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